Disciplinary Sanctions

Disciplinary Sanctions

Under the provisions of The Law Society of Jersey Law 2005, a Disciplinary Committee of the Law Society shall, on hearing a complaint deal with the matter in one of the following ways, as it thinks fit:

(a) by dismissing it;

(b) if it is satisfied that the complaint is proved and that it constitutes professional misconduct by the practitioner, but that it can properly be dealt with either by way of a public reprimand or a private rebuke, by so reprimanding or rebuking the practitioner; or

(c) by referring the complaint to the Attorney General without making a finding.

Where the decision of the Disciplinary Committee is to issue a public reprimand against a practitioner, the reprimand will be published in the Jersey Gazette and on the Law Society website.


Public Reprimand - Mr Paul Scally - 6 January 2017