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Professor Robert Douglas, Consultant in Occupational Health matters, in England, will present on a range of occupational conditions and diseases which can form the basis of a claim. There are five diagnosable conditions related to asbestos exposure with radiology being central to diagnosis and respiratory function testing for disability assessment and quantum. Asthma is a continuing topic in relation to occupation as also is mould spore inhalation. Zoonotic conditions he has seen include Q fever recently and orf in the past. All of the heavy metal diseases he has encountered in recent years and which should only be seen in history books and the same applies to silicosis and PMF. Carbon monoxide, HAVS and noise induced hearing loss plus disability discrimination and medical negligence all form part of his caseload.

This conference will be of interest to legal practitioners, medical providers and health practitioners in the industry in the Channel Islands.

Date: 30 July 2015

Time: 9.30am - 5.00pm

Location: Pomme D'Or Hotel

CPD: 5.5 hours

Cost: £200 (Members) £250 (Non Members)

See Occupational Health for further details and booking form