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Cryptocurrencies: international developments

The cryptocurrency arena is developing at an extraordinary rate.  All over the world, governments, businesses and individuals are exploring the opportunities and risks.

At the Innovate Finance Conference in London on 6 August 2014 George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced a government investigation into the potential for virtual and digital currencies such as Bitcoin to encourage innovation in the UK's financial sector, while also examining their potential risks  (BBC News).  This followed the announcement in July 2014 that New York’s Department of Financial Services, headed by Benjamin Lawsky, had become first state to propose comprehensive regulations governing virtual currencies.

Digital Jersey’s Cryptocurrency Debate

Digital Jersey is hosting a debate at St Helier Town Hall on Tuesday 9 September 2014, starting at 09.15am, which will address a range of issues connected with cryptocurrencies and changing global trends.  We will consider whether cryptocurrencies could change the face of finance and whether “do nothing” is a real option.

With speakers from the UK and Jersey, and also a range of industry experts, we aim to bring together key representatives from the worlds of finance and technology. 

We particularly welcome the participation of Jersey’s legal sector at this debate: lawyers will be at the fore when it comes to investigating, designing and implementing new laws and regulation around this complex and challenging area.  It does not matter whether or not attendees have had any previous involvement in cryptocurrency-related matters – each attendee will bring his or her own experience and expertise to this important discussion.

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Digital Jersey’s statement on cryptocurrencies

Digital Jersey’s April 2014 statement on cryptocurrencies is attached above.  This is a very fast moving area and there have been numerous developments since the publication of the statement, including the launch in Jersey of the world’s first regulated bitcoin investment fund (the Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund, known as “GABI”).

More information can be obtained from:
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